3 Ways To Continue the Celebration After Graduation

#1. Bask in the glory of achievement and the remembrance of your journey.

         It is possible to celebrate graduation without truly absorbing its gravity. Sure, we are finished with classes and studying; now we can relax and watch Netflix without guilt. (That’s life isn’t it?) But let’s back up for a minute: You pursued a degree and achieved your goal. That diploma in your hand is the result of time and energy well spent. Through thick and thin, long nights of studying and partying and grueling days of class and work. You probably pulled some all-nighters and drank more coffee than you thought you could keep down, but now your quest is complete. Let’s consider what this says about your character: you had to listen actively, prioritize, interpret, persist, and execute. Consider building on this list as you think about what it took you to obtain your degree. Take a moment to meditate on those qualities of your character that you value. These qualities do not get put on the shelf or hung on the wall – these attributes will carry you into your future, they are a part of who you are and what you have developed as a result of pursuing your degree. Celebrate who you are – you’ve earned it.

#2. Begin to intentionally create your ideal life.

        Time is one of the greatest gifts after graduation. Your fresh and open schedule gives you the agency to consciously decide what to do with your twenty four hours. Avoid seeking instant gratification and resist the temptation to veg out. The activities you engage in should help you to build the life you desire. Don’t get me wrong, relaxing and de-stressing is important – now is the time to explore wholesome methods of decompression such as yoga, meditation, or hiking. These are just a few proven modes of relaxation that will improve your mind and body. If you can integrate healthy and mindful pastimes into your life now, this pattern of inner strength will save you when your life becomes more demanding in the personal and professional spheres. Celebrate your time in a wholesome way.

#3. Pursue your profession of passion.

        It’s likely that you have not yet been able to secure your dream job. Finding your lifelong career takes time; any job that takes you one step closer to your calling is a step in the right direction. Don’t give up. You did not spend years of your life to wind up in a place that gives you feelings of meaningless stagnation. Take the time to do your research and network with professionals in your field. Surrounding yourself with people that are traveling a similar path can help you to feel focused and invigorated. Mingling with successful peers is immensely beneficial to your personal success. In the modern world there are many ways to connect with people on the basis of profession of passion: joining groups through Facebook, Meet-up, Master Mind, or even starting your own group is a great way to stay accountable as you begin a new chapter. Even if you have already secured a job, it is of great worth to you to build a team that you can connect with. Successful people will tell you that it is through mentors and relationships that they gained an invaluable wealth of resources and connections. Celebrate your new chapter by fostering new relationships.