June 26, 2014

About Us

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Who we are:

We are healing professionals who are all trained in cutting-edge relationship science and practice. We care for relationships of all kinds and in all aspects of human experience.

Our Mission:

Build healthy communities by building healthy relationships at every level of society.

Our Goals:

  • To bring holistic healing practices to individuals and relationships within our community.
  • To help people heal from distress, trauma, and emotional injuries so they can experience joy and connection.
  • To enhance the practice of compassion and care in relationships
  • To provide education and community service on the science of healthy relationships
  • To advance the science of healthy relationships in all areas of human experience including
    • relationship to self
    • romantic and intimate partnerships
    • parent-child relationships and
    • professional and social relationships
  • To promote best practices in building flourishing relationships or repairing distressed ones

We are an inclusive multicultural and international community of professionals dedicated to bring our understanding of positive relationships into:

  • Family
  • Education
  • Workplace
  • Leadership
  • Social and research environments

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Cost of Services

The cost of holistic health care is out of reach for many people.  At The Center for Relationships, we want to make our services accessible as well as affordable for everyone.  All of our services are offered on a sliding scale fee based on your income and family size.  We are committed to providing services to the community at a reasonable cost.  Call us to request an appointment with a counselor.

Phone: 512-465-2926                                 Email: ctr4relationships@gmail.com