May 9, 2015

Our Philosophy

Non-violence. We endeavor in all our work and relationships to do no harm. We want to create an environment of safety for ourselves and for our clients.

We are all about love: loving yourself, loving others, and bringing love to the global community.

We believe relationships thrive on CARE and support. We believe in building people up using their strengths as resources rather than tearing them down. We do not believe in the deficit medical model.

We are a center that build connection: connection within ourselves, connection with others, with spirituality, and with one’s community on all levels.

We affirm and celebrate diversity not only by accepting everyone just as they are but also by encouraging and supporting the full expression of everyone’s history, personality, and dreams.

We commit to working within a collaborative community with each other, building transparent and honest communication, showing care and support to each other, and encouraging growth and flourishing in each other as we do with our clients.

We believe in demystifying the counseling process and making our center and our work approachable and relevant to all the people we serve. We want our clients and communities to see the center as a place where they understand relationships in simple and complex ways and where they will be seen and understood for who they are.

We believe that growth is ongoing and that growth and change are inevitable. We celebrate and support the process of growth even during uncomfortable, unfamiliar moments.

We celebrate life! We commit to celebrating humor, fun, creativity and joyful experience as often as we can.

We recognize that pain, struggle, and discomfort can go along side joy and celebration in times of loss, transition, and growth.

We honor the entire range of emotions and the whole spectrum of human experience.

We engage in self-reflection as a professional group and value doing our own emotional work so we can be conscious of what we bring to relationships in our own lives.

We believe in collective power with each other as professionals as well as those we work with. We strive to achieve power with rather than power over.

We believe in caring for our bodies, our environments, and our planet. We make en effort to leave things better than we found them.

We believe in integrative and holistic practices of health and flourishing that do not separate body, mind and spirit or separate individuals from their relationships, families, and communities.