Care Week is Here! Come on Down!

The Center for Relationships opened its doors in 2014 with a passion and commitment for building healthy relationships at the individual, couple, family, workplace, and community level.  We began with a perspective based on the Relational Cultural Model which states that all relationships go through cycles of connection, disconnection, and reconnection.  To come together, to break apart or say goodbye, and to re-discover ourselves and our connections are the very drama of human life that makes this earthly journey so exciting, surprising, and growth producing.

So at The Center for Relationships, we say challenges in relationships are not problems to be fixed or solved.  We are not a mental health clinic because we don’t believe in diagnosing, pathologizing, or judging our clients for having emotional distress, conflict, loss, grief, or psychic pain.  We ALL have to experience this at some point or another.  I remember my therapist saying to me, “what makes you think you are immune to all the ordinary suffering that other human beings around the world have to deal with”.  That was a huge wake up call.  None of us are immune to relationship challenges.  It can happen to anyone no matter how healthy, functional, intelligent, or mature we think we are.

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Second, you don’t have to suffer in silence or isolation.  We have a wealth of information from relationship science research by great researchers such as John and Julie Gottman and Susan Johnson that gives us a framework and road map to creating healthy relationships.  You don’t need medical care to get help for your marriage or relationship.  What most people need is just-in-time support, education, and guidance.


So come on down!  For one week before Valentine’s Day, (February 5-11, 2018) The Center for Relationships throws open her doors to everyone to come visit with a counselor for free, attend a group or workshop, and just learn about healthy relationships, emotional skills, or get support without any obligation.  If you decide you like what we have to offer, you can keep coming back for more.  We are here for YOU.


Vagdevi Meunier, Psy.D., Master Trainer for the Gottman Institute and National Marriage Seminars and Licensed Clinical Psychologist, has been a Certified Gottman Therapist and Workshop Leader since 2006. She is the founder of the Austin-based Center for Relationships (@TCFRAustin). Follow her on Facebook at the Center for Relationships and on Twitter @TCFRAustin