March 24, 2014

Flourish Through Relationship Science

The Center for Relationships is a wellness center that offers expert relationship-oriented education, support, and counseling to anyone wishing to improve personal, social, or professional wellness.  Whether you are experiencing distress in a marital or romantic relationship, in a parent-child relationship, or any other close relationship you care about, we have counselors trained in relational models who can help you repair and renew your conecction to another person.

We are an inclusive, diverse group of counseling professionals with training in multicultural counseling, science based relationship models, sensitive to spirituality and religion and committed to helping you create a positive resilient life for yourself.

Don’t delay.  Call us at 512-465-2926 or sign up on our website to have one of our counselors reach out to you this week.

We are now open for individual, couples, and family counseling, group sessions, and workshops.  Please check our “What we Offer” page for ongoing announcements.

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