Late Bloomer

A funny thing happened on the way to living my life…! In moments of contemplation one begins to look at their life and wonder: “How did I get here?” Consideration has to be given to all the twists and turns that life brings, the seasons we go through from childhood to adulthood, from youth to “well-seasoned.” What we call life becomes a medley of challenges and choices. As we enter into a new spring season, we enjoy the colorful array of flowers blossoming all around us and resist the temptation to picking them and placing them on our kitchen table. It’s the beauty that we enjoy, the flourishing of nature that surrounds us season after season without fail, signifying that creation is abundant and life continues. The great pecan tree, the official tree of Texas, can grow to more than 100 feet in height with taproots that more than 10 feet deep. What we don’t see is the struggle that goes on under the surface in the creation of nature’s beauty – what meets the eye appear so seamlessly before us.

The need to grow and flourish is innately a part of life. The adverse situations we face have the opportunity to create character, especially when we choose wisdom over bitterness. This builds resilience against times of hardship, and helps us to grow strong in the ways we choose to be. Growth requires nourishment – we cannot grow to our full potential alone, without getting our natural needs met. It is through awareness that we can open our minds, hearts, and spirits to seek out how to become what we want to be. If we allow the seeds of our needs, hopes and desires to flourish, we open up new possibilities, adventures, and spread our own root systems. When we flourish and blossom we grow strength and resilience, and become empowered by the width and height of our potential. We can then seek out those people, places, and things that will in fact create growth within us.

It is in that vein that we at the Center For Relationships have created a metaphorical patch of soil in which relationships can grow and thrive. You have the opportunity to seek fulfillment and empowerment by creating a deeper root system with like-minded men and women in a supportive and encouraging environment. It is never too late to bloom and become all that you wish to become! Please join me in choosing to become a part of the Women’s Empowerment Group that takes place here at the Center. You are not alone: we want to support your growth, and reach empowerment together.

By Rachel Lupercio, LMFTA