November 20, 2014

Individual Counseling

To request individual counseling, click Schedule an Appointment here or on the front page of our website. If you require assistance, please call our main number: 512-465-2926.

If you are struggling with your identity, a loss, a transition, difficulty in relationships, spiritual or personal crisis, or difficult psychological symptoms like anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, eating, or being able to function in your job or school, individual counseling can help.  When you meet with an individual counselor, she or he will talk with your about your difficulties and experiences and offer you support, understanding, education, and some special techniques to help you transform your distress into peace of mind, healthy coping strategies, and greater satisfaction in your life, job, relationships and/or future.

Sometimes the courage to ask for help is greater than the courage it takes to climb a mountain or confront a threat.  Emotional courage means knowing when your own coping strategies or resources are not enough and knowing that professional help can make the difference between living in pain versus moving foward.

We applaud your courage in asking for help.  Please know that all our counselors are highly trained in working with individuals and helping people with whatever challenges they are facing.  It might help you to read about our philosophical perspective to learn about how we approach life.