April 1, 2015

Practicum Training Program

The Center for Relationships invites applications from graduate students in the following degree/discipline programs interested in completing their practicum training hours at our center –

  • Masters in Counseling
  • Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy
  • Masters in Social Work
  • Masters in Psychiatric Nursing
  • Doctoral in Counseling or Counselor Education
  • Doctoral in Counseling Psychology
  • Doctoral in Clinical Psychology
  • Doctoral in Psychiatric Nursing

The Practicum program will follow the Mandala model of training which is described here. The mission and vision of the center is relationally informed care across the spectrum of clinical and community counseling.  Ideally a practicum trainee applicant will demonstrate a strong interest and focus on relationship based models of counseling and psychotherapy; an interest in community outreach and education, and an interest in research.  It is the practicum trainee’s responsibility to obtain the necessary approvals and complete the requisite paperwork for approval by their program or department to be placed at the center.

Practicum students are required to make a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week of clock time at the center.  Hours worked at the center must coincide with at least one other staff member so that the practicum trainee is never seeing clients alone at the center.  Practicum trainee hours will be decided in collaboration with center staff at the start of the practicum.

Practicum hours will include upto 7 hours of clinical experience including individual, couples, family, group, and outreach activities.  3 hours per week must be reserved for individual and group supervision and administrative activities.  Practicum students are required to attend the group supervision meeting which takes place twice a month on the first and third monday’s of the month from 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm at the center.

Practicum students will receive the following training and clinical opportunities during their practicum placement

  • observe couples, family, and group therapy sessions
  • see individual clients presenting with a variety of problems
  • co-therapy of couples, family, group, and workshop sessions
  • co-lead groups with other trainees and post-graduate interns
  • design, develop, and implement community outreach
  • substantive training and supervision in relationship models of counseling and psychotherapy
  • group supervision and training with center staff and other experts from the community
  • weekly supervision from a senior center staff

To apply please submit a current resume along with the names of 3 references (please include past clinical supervisors or job supervisors in references) to Dr. Vagdevi Meunier, Executive Director, The Center for Relationships, 8810 Business Park Drive, Suite 200, Austin, TX 78759.  Email The Center for Relationships Training Program.  Phone Inquiries: 512-465-2926.  Practicum applicants will be required to appear in person for interviews with the center staff.