Why a Center for Relationships?

Relationships across the globe

geralt / Pixabay

They say we are going through a time period of great advances in Neuroscience, in fact an article that appeared in Scientific American in 2014 called it the Century of the Brain.  Here is what we already know from the outpouring of scientific research about the brain since the turn of the millenium.  We know that

  • We are wired for emotional experience and emotions often color our thoughts.  It is not “I think therefore I am”, it is more like “I feel therefore I think therefore I am”.
  • We are wired for relationships.  Neurons, the cells that exist in our brain and elsewhere and take in sensory information and help us make sense of the world, don’t exist in isolation.  They connect to other neurons, they exist in networks, and a whole community of neural relationships support and nourish each other.  When one neuron is damaged, other neurons from its community take over some of its role.
  • We live longer and happier lives when we have people who love us and support us in our lives.  The research on this shows that when we die, what matters more for our longevity and our quality of life at the end, is how much we were loved.
  • Compassion and Care are critical to our health and well-being.  Not only to give others but to give to ourselves and receive from others.  We wither from the inside when we are deprived of compassion and care from our parents, our partners, our siblings, and our children.  It takes practice and conscious effort to build and maintain an environment of compassion and care in our lives but to the extent that we work towards that, our body, mind, and spirit will flourish.

I could go on, but even these basic findings from research since this century began is enough evidence to show that we need to focus our energies and intentions on building, maintaining, and nourshing healthy relationships with every person in our lives that we have some attachment to.  This is why The Center for Relationships was created.

At the Center for Relationships, our mission is to build healthy relationships at every level of society and in all spheres of human experience including a healthy relationship with oneself, with one’s families, partners, siblings, and children, as well as healthy relationships at work, with friends, and with others in communities of care that we belong to.  The Center for Relationships is here to offer individual, couple, and family counseling from a systemic relational point of view to anyone who wants to improve their mind, body, and spirit health.  We are also here to offer education, training, and advance the science of healthy relationships through research and knowledge.